hello world, it’s me

So after a LOT of indecisiveness about whether or not I was going to take the leap into blogging… and here I am. A lot of changes (for the better and worse), have been happening in my life the past few months, and I thought it would be fun to be able to write about it all- everything from fitness, food, diet, and style!

So to start, I thought I would tell everyone a little about myself:

location: Brookhaven
grew up in: Peachtree Corners (best way to describe where this is: get on Peachtree, and drive north ~10 miles. boom)
dog’s name: Macho *you will probably be seeing pictures of him a lot, like below:

sleepy macho

college attended: Auburn University… WAR EAGLE!!
studied: fashion merchandising + business
favorite clothing item: leggings
favorite accessory: fabulina necklaces
favorite tv show(s): come on, who can pick just one? Current: Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars; Reruns: Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and Sex & the City
favorite colors: black & white
favorite exercise: thanks to Classpass, I don’t have to chose just 1: yoga, barre, pilates, cycling, bodypump, boxing, & hiking up Stone Mountain! the possibilities are endless in Atlanta ❤
(for those of you who don’t know what “barre” is, get a peek inside Pink Barre studios below in my #selfie)
favorite foods (in the past…): ice cream, sushi, fries, salmon, grilled cheese
favorite animal: elephant
# of countries I’ve traveled to: 14 (hopefully and counting!)
favorite destination: Kenya
unnamed-2dream vacay destination: Bali & Bora Bora
i can’t leave the house without: aquaphor + my Design Love 2015 Planner (yes, it’s 2015 and I still prefer to use pen + paper)

people don’t know this about me yet: As of 3 weeks ago, I am on a paleo auto-immune diet after finding out I am gluten intolerant. My grilled cheese/sushi-loving life has officially changed… for the skinnier, at least 😉

and now this is only the beginning!

As for the name “why can’t I have the fries?” I thought it was only fitting… as I was sitting in the doctors office, she told me a list of foods I would no longer be able to eat, and of course potato was one of them. “French fries??” her response, “hmmm try baking sliced sweet potatoes, they’ll taste just the same!” No, sorry, they don’t.

I will be telling you all about great studios + exercises I find via ClassPass,  at home circuits I create when I am crunched for time, paleo recipes that don’t taste like crap, style inspirations and deals I find, and perhaps on occasion you will get to read a crazy dating story of mine… don’t worry, there’s plenty.

Hope you all enjoyed! Goodnight 😉